Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout DVD
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Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout DVD
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Celebrated yoga and fitness instructor Mandy Ingber offers an all-new, unique program that will sculpt sleek muscles and unwind your mind. Yogalosophy, a groundbreaking workout from superstar Jennifer Aniston’s fitness instructor, promotes weight loss and getting into shape with an easy-to-follow but challenging routine. The program includes two versions of a 30-Minute Routine and a Fully-Loaded, 55-Minute Challenge. Available for the first time ever on DVD (DVD is coded region free), this hybrid workout pairs yoga poses with toning exercises that will get you into the best shape of your life while connecting your mind, body, and emotions.

• Introduction by Jennifer Aniston
• Two versions of a 30-minute routine
• Fully loaded 55-minute challenge
• Six yoga extras, including stretch, balance, strength and sun salutes
• Amazing music soundtrack

“Mandy brought yoga into my life. I’m excited for you to get to experience her, too. This workout will change your body and your mind.”
- Jennifer Aniston

Believe. Feel. Become.

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Jennifer Aniston. Kate Beckinsale. Helen Hunt. Brooke Shields. In addition to their fame, these actresses share something else in common: they owe their enviable silhouettes to fitness expert and celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber. In Yogalosophy, Ingber—one of the most sought-after fitness and wellness advisors in Los Angeles—offers up a unique 28-day plan to help readers achieve healthier bodies and happier minds. Building on the concepts offered in Ingber’s popular Yogalosophy DVD, this handbook provides an accessible program of proven workouts and eating guidelines designed to tone and strengthen the entire body, inside and out. In addition to recipes and detailed body-sculpting workouts (which combine yoga postures with a wide range of other effective exercises), Ingber also offers up wise insights and thought-provoking anecdotes in each chapter, encouraging readers to establish a healthier, more life-embracing mindset. Full of girlfriend-y wisdom, Yogalosophy is a realistic, flexible, daily plan that will help readers transform their minds, their bodies, and their lives.
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Length, strength and balance - three key benefits of a physical yoga practice. You will start with a Slow Stretch to lengthen the muscles so that they are primed and ready to work! Then, Mandy's trademark Yogalosophy routine will help you strengthen your legs and glutes, toning your lower body. The Balance Routine will allow you to focus on engaging your core muscles, while becoming focused and centered. Also, by ordering the package, you get Mandy’s Sun Salutations step-by-step instructional FREE! Slow Stretch (6:30) VIDEO Bring awareness into your body with a Slow Stretch that will help to gently increase flexibility. Yogalosophy : Lower Body Toning Routine: LEGS and BUTT (13:54) AUDIO Mandy's trademark Yogalosophy routine exhausts the larger muscle groups and helps to work deeper into the smaller muscles for firmly toned legs and hips. Balance Routine: CORE (11:10) AUDIO Bring more balance into your life! This routine will help you to get centered, as you use your core to support you. How To: Sun Salutations (5:02) VIDEO -- FREE (JULY) Follow this step-by-step instructional to flow through your yoga practice.
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Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy Manduka 3mm Yoga Mat
The Manduka eKO Lite yoga mat made for Yogalosophy offers something new for eco-conscious yoga practitioners - a natural rubber, closed cell mat that is designed for durability and comfort, yet will biodegrade at the end of its useful life without leaving a footprint in landfills. The eKO Lite is standard size with 3 millimeters of firm cushion and designed for traveling ease. The seagrass surface texture maintains durability and slip-resistance. This mat is also free of harmful AZO dyes and toxic foaming agents commonly found in TPE, POE and other rubber mats.
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Wring out toxins in the body with a series of yoga twists and core exercises. Start with some gentle twists and compressions in the Seated Detox Routine. Abdominal work can also be very detoxifying and aid in digestion, especially when combined with twisting postures. The Active Detox Routine will help you to further expel toxins that can build up in the muscles, organs and spine. Seated Detox Routine (6:35) VIDEO Ease into gentle twists and forward folds with a detox routine that can be done daily to release unwanted toxins in the body. Detoxify and Digest: CORE (17:13) AUDIO This invigorating routine adds twists (literally!) to common yoga postures, helping to wring out toxins in the body and aid in digestion. Active Detox Routine (6:40) VIDEO Generate heat in the body, while twisting and compressing to actively expel toxins. How To: Inversion Options (4:09) VIDEO -- FREE (AUGUST) Easy alternatives for the not-so-inversion-inclined.
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This 3-pack is the perfect all-around series for stretching and strengthening the muscles that support the back. The Morning Stretch will gently wake up the spine and stretch the back muscles. In the Heart and Shoulder Opening Routine, you will work deeper into the spine, and stretch tight muscles in the front body, which can often times be the cause of back pain. A weak core can also lead to strains and pains in the lower back. Yogi Abdominals will help to strengthen and firm your abs. Also, by ordering the package, you get Mandy's Warrior Variations step-by-step instructional FREE! Morning Stretch (8:37) VIDEO Wake up the back and spine with a simple routine that you can do daily to gently stretch and open the back muscles. Heart and Shoulder Openers: SPINE and BACK (16:20) AUDIO Energize and open your heart with a series backward bends that will help to stretch the chest and shoulders and increase flexibility in the spine. Yogi Abdominals (4:45) VIDEO Strengthen and firm the abdominal muscles with a quick routine that you can add daily to each practice. How To: Warrior Variations (3:39) VIDEO -- FREE (OCTOBER) Learn the differences and alignment specifics of each Warrior variation.
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Ground, center and unwind yourself. The Standing Grounding Routine will help you to become rooted into your practice as you move through a sequence of power-harnessing postures. Being grounded is an important factor for balancing, and the Mini Balance Routine will help you to become more focussed and centered. Then, allow the Earth to support you as you unwind with a Seated Grounding Routine. Standing Grounding Routine: LEGS and CORE (25:59) AUDIO Breathe deeply into longer holds that help you to harness the grounding energy of the Earth. Mini Balance Routine (5:22) VIDEO Bring more balance into your life! This routine will help you to get centered, as you use your core to support you. Seated Grounding Routine: UNWIND and STRETCH (21:33) AUDIO This gentle grounding routine lets you unwind and stretch more deeply into the tight areas of the legs and hips. How To: Inversion Options (4:09) VIDEO -- FREE (SEPTEMBER) Easy alternatives for the not-so-inversion-inclined.
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